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About Us

 is an exciting Home & lifestyle brand that we will inspire your spaces to be colourful and happy. Our patterns are influenced by nature, Paula’s love of art and reflect her design sensibility. Being environmentally conscious is important to us, so we print on eco friendly and sustainable textiles, using water-based fabrics and wallpaper dyes. Our finishing process is unique for each pattern, preserving the old method of silk-screen printing, (using artisan craftsmanship), while blending more cutting edge digital printing processes. We exist to create a world that’s more colourful, comfortable and meaningful.

About Us

Our Process

“A design has the ability to connect people and create beautiful memories”

Hand-sketched (Design)
Workmanship (Approach)
Sustainable (Process)


We share with you our love for beautiful art and design and a love for nature and designing sustainable textiles and wallpapers from across the world.

As curators of your environment we bring you hand-sketched designs that add both elegance and beauty to your home.


Our design sensibility brings influences from across the world while remaining local and traditional in our thinking and processes. Our signature style is to fuse color and patterns to help you create beautiful and happy spaces.


We merge both traditional silk-screen and modern digital printing into our new way of working in order to provide you with the fabrics and wallpapers that will inspire you to create, happy, colorful and meaningful spaces.

Our Mission

01. Nature

We appreciate nature and its healing properties and this drives us to select partners that meet our high ecological standards.

02. Ethically-made

Our ethically-made textiles while beautiful are also functional and responsible. We use the finest high end Belgian linen to benefit from the 100% biodegradable and recyclable properties, which allow us to impact on our world with beautiful and environmentally friendly products. But, we go further to look deeper into the use of water-based dyes and oxygen-based bleaches so we can make a real impact on our society.

03. Creativity

We work with talented creative’s, who are spirited and creative. Our team is made up of: – graphic designers, illustrators, printers and art directors all inspired daily to design and deliver you a beautiful and meaningful space for you and your family.

04. Integrity

We believe our work ethic is unique to us because we love to work hard to create textiles that represent true artisan craftsmanship. We stay true to our company culture and values to design beautiful eco friendly and sustainable textiles.

We encourage you to be creative with us and design your lifestyle with our personalized service. Capturing and expressing your personal style is important to us as we give you the freedom to remain individual.

We offer colours customization that fit your tastes. After all, we want your home to feel comfortable, meaningful and beautiful.

About Paula Cushman

Originally from Argentina, residing in New York

Paula has over 10 years experience within the design industry.

She attended Parsons School of Design where she studied design and FIT where she received a degree in Marketing Communications and Digital Advertising.

“I’ve always been captivated by patterns, textures and colors, I decided to embark on this new adventure and create a collection of home textiles and home wallpapers that reflects my aesthetics and passion for design.”

Paula launched her previous label; called Mila and Bela which reflected her appreciation for details and her commitment to providing high-end products.

“I grew up surrounded by my family who shared a love for art, cooking, gardening, painting, ceramics; and since an early age I knew art takes many shapes and forms.”

When asked how she gets inspired, Paula replies, “I find my inspiration in different ways; by visiting museums where I can spend many hours looking at impressionist, cubism and modern art; by traveling to different places and being exposed to different cultures and by being surrounded by nature which includes my enthusiasm for raising chickens and growing an organic garden with my children.”

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